Spring Workshop 2014

helping handToday starts our Spring Family Workshop, it will be five days of intense group work & lectures.  Our group is comprised of families traveling from as far as Washington State in hopes of healing family trauma.  The beginning of this process is marked by mounting trepidation and anxiety, but watching the families open up and begin trusting in the process is always rewarding.  Seeing the parents connecting with each other, forming bonds through the shared struggle continues to give us hope for recovery.  Not only are the parents connecting, but the clients are given the opportunity to learn about and relate to each other in ways they haven’t done before. In our experience treating addiction, we have continued to find, through experiences such as this workshop, the importance of working through trauma.  We have found that the negative effects of trauma are very far reaching and if not properly addressed will continue to cause pain, impeding the addicts growth in recovery.  Every day we are grateful to have the ability to work with addicts and be a positive force for recovery in the community.

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