Residential Program

Recovery Outfitters feels a lot like home. There is no receptionist, no security guard, just a friendly greeting from whomever is nearest the door. ROI is located on 8 acres of spacious property surrounded by an abundance of Georgia pines intertwined with soaring maples. The property boasts an impressively large pond that is exceptional for fishing and canoeing.

We are home to sixteen or so young men who are coming and going, learning to live a life free of drugs and alcohol. These young men were once labeled defiant, uncooperative and even hostile. They now show characteristics of integrity, honor and humility. They are mending and building new relationships daily that will help them in their fight for a lifetime of recovery.

We build a partnership with our young men based on a level of trust they have not experienced. Through therapy, they free themselves from troubles of their past and commit to a life of sobriety. Through choice and consequences, they learn to make good decisions. Through life skills training, they discover a way to find joy in life without drugs and begin to fulfill their potential as persons of integrity. Through their participation in creating their individual treatment plans, we honor their thoughts and aspirations.

We aim for more than abstinence. Far more. While abstinence is an absolutely necessary condition, it is not the only focus of our lives. We are concerned with learning to be honest with each other, being responsible for ourselves, working in community, resolving conflicts with a minimum of ill will, coming to terms with troubling aspects of our past, identifying our values, and developing integrity.

Read more about our treatment philosophy:

Our Family Program
Some of our best work is done with families. Addiction is a family disease, so we include the whole family in this process.

Adventurous Recreation
Adventurous recreation is not only about having fun, it’s about discovering a fulfilling lifestyle that drug use will not permit.

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