High School

Avner Bush Academy

Filling the gaps in educational experiences

Even those who have been unsuccessful in academic endeavors in traditional schools, may graduate from high school at Recovery Outfitters. They will discover that they can get back on track in pursuing a higher education and opening unknown doors to reveal new opportunities.

Here’s how:

  • A ROI House resident chooses to attend Avner Bush Academy. Nobody makes him do it.
  • We look at his transcript and see what courses he needs to graduate or get caught up.
  • We create a syllabus for each course he needs.
  • We identify each student’s learning style so that we may teach to his strengths and accommodate his weaknesses.
  • We give individualized academic instruction based on the student’s learning style and abilities.
  • We give him input into deciding what will work for him.
  • Students proceed through the course work at their own pace.
  • Avner Bush has concentrated study periods and classes with one to five students.
  • Completion of course requirements takes less time than at a traditional school.
  • A very bright, motivated student can finish two years of work in one year and several courses in a few months.

Then it’s time for graduation!

Once a year we hold graduation. Students who have completed requirements for a diploma participate in the traditional graduation ceremony with cap-and-gown, processional music, speeches, well wishing from faculty, family, and friends, and a feast afterwards. The young graduates are proud, and the families are elated, usually moved to tears because most had given up on ever seeing this day.

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