Recovery Outfitters offers five programs for young men addicted to drugs and alcohol. Hallmarks of success have been identified and thoroughly integrated into ROI’s treatment programs. Each program is designed to address different levels of need. Together they take young addicts from long term residential treatment through a learning and healing process to a point where they may realistically expect to live sober and fulfilling lives in the real world.

ROI House is a residential treatment center that targets adolescent and young adult males. We are one of the few centers with a long track record of successful treatment of both minors and young adults. In a home-like environment, we build a partnership with these young men based on a level of trust they have not yet experienced. Through therapy, they free themselves from troubles of the past to commit to a life of sobriety. Through choice and consequences, they learn to make good decisions. Through life skills training and intense recreation, they discover a way to find joy without the use of drugs and alcohol. They begin to fulfill their potential as persons of integrity.

Avner Bush Academy is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission as a special purpose high school. Residents who do not have high school diplomas may receive individualized instruction, earn credits at their own pace, and graduate. We offer a college prep curriculum as vocational training. Most of our young men continue their education after graduation.

The CARES Program serves those who have completed the ROI House program and offers them continued support while living in a transitional living home. They make a plan for independent living with our guidance, attend weekly Group Therapy sessions at ROI, and receive support from our staff in a variety of ways.

The Aftercare Program serves young men who have completed the ROI House and CARES programs and offers them continued support while living in their chosen community. They make a plan for independent living with staff guidance and attend weekly aftercare group sessions.

The Alumni Relapse Prevention Program serves young men who have completed The ROI Program, who are at least twenty-one years old, and who have demonstrated an ability to maintain sobriety for periods of a year or more while living in their own community. Although they come to us in relapse or in danger of relapse, they are clearly committed to living sober lives and need support for a fresh start as more mature adults.

We acknowledge that the distinctions among our programs are not rigid and our practice is fluid according to the varied needs of our residents. We keep the end in mind and, via this continuum of care; we do what works long-term for our guys and their families every time. We provide ways to deal with life problems and relapses for as long as the addict wishes to be connected to ROI. Our goal is long-term sobriety, not quick fixes.

Program Elements

  • Ropes Course/Team Building
  • Art Therapy
  • Individual, Group & Family Counseling
  • Psychiatric & Medical Care
  • Conflict Resolution & Anger Management
  • Life Skills & Vocational Training
  • Psychodrama
  • Addiction Studies
  • Meditation
  • Step Study
  • 12 Step Group Meetings (AA & NA)
  • Educational Assistance
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