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Michael’s Honesty – Michael S. is 16. So how can his life be a success story already? By setting out early on the wrong path, being brave or wise enough to ask for help early, and being willing to engage in group therapeutic experiences even though he feared revealing himself to others.

Many people think that treatment for addiction is just about abstinence. Abstinence, however, is just a part of recovery. Asking for help, facing personal issues, being honest, becoming a person of integrity—these are all inherent in recovery at Recovery Outfitters, as Michael has learned so early in life.

Having completed Recovery Outfitter’s treatment program and living on his own with others in recovery, he’s still a student at Avner Bush Academy, our accredited high school. He’s a senior already with only three more classes to go. He’s on target to get his diploma at 17. That is why Michael S. is a success story at 16.[Read More…]

Sam’s Trail – Three things resonate with Sam W.: the great outdoors, music, and the community of his peers. These three have been a part of his using days and these three must be a part of his recovery. A recovering addict must have a passion to take the place of the drug obsession he has left behind.

“I did a lot of character building at ROI House and good family work. I have stayed sober since I left because of AA. If you go to AA enough, you will find people you relate to and who help you stay sober. My family relationships are a lot better now. I feel grateful to have a good relationship with my sister. We hang out a lot and have had a good summer together. I’m happy with my life now.” That last line, “I’m happy with my life now,” is all the success anyone needs at Sam’s age. The future looks bright.[Read More…]

Randy’s Journey – In the five years after Randy W. left Serenity House in 1997, he lived by three guidelines: When things are going well, I can handle using drugs. When things are going badly, I need to use drugs. When in doubt, buy a ticket to somewhere else.

Randy used heroin or cocaine to change his mood; he hopped a plane or train to change his country. His pattern of escape led him to London, Prague, Bangkok, and Bombay. He found his grandmother’s girlhood home in Hungary, taught English in Istanbul, surfed in Indonesia, explored the Himalayas, picked plums in Australia, and studied chess under a Grandmaster in Russia. These are a few of the countries where he was (relatively) sober. He left each country because of boredom, loneliness or depression and went to another. “I was always thinking about myself. But now I think about other people and want to help them… [Read More…]

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