A Message from Our Executive Director

ROI House

When You Come to Recovery Outfitters…
…You’ll be surprised!

You’ll be surprised at how much like a home our main residence is. You’ll see young men fishing in Jordan Pond, skateboarding on our driveway, coming and going from job or school. The door is open. You may bring your young man reluctant, but he stays by choice once he understands who we are.

When you come, you’ll also see a client, a former client or staff member here and there, on the dock, at the table, or in our art studio, in a serious one-on-one conversation with one of our counselors. Therapy happens everywhere as needed in addition to regular sessions of highly creative, life-changing therapy.

Our first goal, our mission, is to transform young addicts into honorable men. First we nurture trust so that our clients will become honest with us. Soon we expect to see effort towards recovery, some setbacks, some victories, and a lot of perseverance. Later we expect that he will become a leader committed not only to his own recovery but also to the well being of the whole ROI community.

You may be thinking, after what you may have experienced with your young man that this will never happen for him. You are in for another surprise!  After some time at ROI, he will likely commit an act of kindness, offer a word of wisdom to a newer peer, accept a challenge or responsibility, or make an important decision for his own well-being. As our success stories show, any one of these small events may prove to be a turning point toward recovery.

ROI offers you as family members and friends the same welcome we offer your son—trust and hope, special relationships with other families, therapy, words of wisdom, and growth. When their families participate, young men recover.

You bring us guys who have left high school because of substance abuse or as the only option to prison. Perhaps they have nearly died or been “failures” at other treatment centers. You may see them as hopeless. We see them come as boys and young men to love long enough for them to become loveable, protect until they can protect themselves and educate until they can act in wisdom. We see them as future college graduates, craftsmen, counselors, entrepreneurs, homeowners, husbands, fathers, philanthropists, and honorable young men.

You as families come to us tired, angry, in despair, not aware of your role in the family disease of addiction. We see a better life ahead for you than you ever dreamed possible. Families have told us they consider their experience with addiction a gift because through their sons’ recoveries they have changed in ways they needed to change for their own happiness. They are grateful. We are happy to have you as part of the ROI family, and we look forward to getting to you as well as we will know your young man.

Kimberly Castro Owens, MSCM, MAC, CAADC, CACII, MATC, CCS
Executive Director

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