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Kirk R. Owens, JD, CAMS

Kirk earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with minors in Finance, Accounting, and Production Management from the University of Central Florida in 1989 and entered recovery shortly thereafter. In 1990, he became an assistant manager with the Atlanta Athletic Club and began volunteering with Metropolitan Serenity House (ROI’s predecessor) as well as serving on the Board of MASH. In 1993, he was Program Director until leaving for Ohio Northern University law school. He continued working with MASH during his second year of law school and summer breaks holding several positions including Program Director and tutor.

From 1997 to 2006, Kirk practiced law in Pensacola, Florida and is now the Development Director for ROI. Kirk also serves as Community/Court Liaison for ROI. Kirk’s background as a criminal lawyer is helpful as many addicts who are facing legal issues surrounding their addiction. Kirk works with defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges to guide clients through the legal system and to help a normally punitive system realize the need for treatment for addicts. He also partners with local businesses to enhance programs that will benefit the clients he serves. His zeal and enthusiasm for recovery make him an asset in the field of substance abuse treatment.