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Kim’s roles include strategic planning, implementation of corporate goals, program development, developing community partnership, general oversight of staff, facilitating crisis/trauma/conflict resolution groups and presenting at workshops and family education groups.

Kim developed the HEARD encounter method used in family workshops. She lectures on process addictions, conflict management, change and motivation, forgiveness/reconciliation and effective communication with others.

Kim earned a master’s degree in Conflict Management and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Kennesaw State University. Previously, she worked as a Senior Job Coach in vocational rehabilitation where she trained job coaches in Georgia on innovative methods she developed. She has also worked as a Program Director for young male addicts, an advocate for battered women and children and has worked with female addicts in treatment.

Kim also serves as the Principal of Avner Bush Academy which is a fully accredited high school for clients that desire to complete their high school education.

Kim is known for her candid, energetic, inspirational and open approach. She uses her leadership qualities, gift for identifying talent, ability to manage conflict, and her strength in connecting with others to help young men and their families on their journey to healing. Kim’s goal is to revolutionize treatment for young men who chronically relapse by focusing on the redemptive value and the innoculative effects of transforming young male addicts into honorable men.

Kim challenges staff, clients and their families to discover and attain their gifts, goals and mission in life despite obstacles. Kim encourages others to take personal responsibility, to embrace conflict as a catalyst for change, and to find beauty in the painful past as an antidote to being rendered ineffective by shame, entitlement and victimhood. Change is evident when people demonstrate confidence, humility, gratitude, and a proactive, open attitude.

Developing leaders is one of Kim’s passions. She is an active member of the advisory board to the Siegel Institute for Leadership, Character and Ethics at Kennesaw State University. Kim has also developed a leadership sponsorship program (L.E.A.D.E.R.S.) to teach and develop the dynamics and attributes of leadership and influence for qualifying clients.

It is evident to those who meet Kim that she has a deep love for her clients, their families and her staff. She is dedicated to the ROI mission of “transforming young male addicts into honorable men” so they will be healthy, well-adjusted, altruistic members of society.