When you come to Recovery Outfitters…You’ll be surprised!

"You’ll be surprised at how much like a home our main residence is. You’ll see young men fishing in Jordan Pond, skateboarding on our driveway, coming and going from job or school. The door is open. You may bring your young man reluctant, but he stays by choice ..."

Kimberly Castro, MSCM, CAADC, CACII
Executive Director

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Comfort is deadly to the addict! Consider the eagle….

First, let me explain some background. I have been hearing from people messaging me yesterday and today about others that have died via drug overdose. Almost all occurred in the comfort of the family home. It is extremely difficult to convince an addict to go to treatment or to remain in treatment if allowed to live at home. … [Read More...]

Our programs

Recovery Outfitters offers five programs for young men addicted to drugs and alcohol. Hallmarks of success have been identified and thoroughly integrated into ROI’s treatment programs. Each program is designed to address different levels of need. … [Read More...]

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